Education Bookings


Special reductions are available for school groups of 10 or more at certain performances

Call: 0844 871 7644 (subject to availability)

N.B: Latecomers will not be admitted until a suitable break. The performance runs for approximately 2 hours.



The official Woman in Black Workshop takes your group into the Fortune Theatre and onto the actual set to explore and experience how this ghostly tale plays with the audience’s imagination. You and your group will have the opportunity to explore and interpret a significant part of the text and then experience how tension can be created to hugely dramatic effect.

The workshops are led by fully experienced West End professionals and teachers confirm that students have gone on to see the performance with a new and informed perspective as well as having excellent material for written and practical coursework and exams. 

Cost: Depends on size of group
Location: The Fortune Theatre, Covent Garden
Length: 60 – 90 mins based on size of group

For all enquiries for the OFFICIAL’ WOMAN IN BLACK ‘ WORKSHOP call London Theatre Tours  on 020 8920 3425 or visit



PW Productions and the cast of The Woman in Black are pleased to offer a Q+A session for twenty minutes after the show for schools and groups. Covering any aspects of the production, and with face-to-face time with members of the cast or crew, the Q+A session helps to deepen understanding of the narrative and dramatic tools used to create the stage play. For further details and to arrange a session please contact Jon Huyton on 07971 078411.